Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival
Greenville, Mississippi
"da' blues is like coming' home"

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Live Stream The 43rd Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival

Tune into the 43rd (Virtual) Annual Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival, Saturday, September 19th @ 12noon to view a great lineup of performers but also learn about the history of the blues and the history of the Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival!!!!   Click on the link below to live stream the 43rd Annual Misissippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival



2020 Virtual Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival





For Immediate Release


September 1, 2020


GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI — Due to COVID-19 health mandates from the State of Mississippi and especially for the safety of our many Blues fans and supporters, MACE has decided to cancel this year’s Festival, as we know it.  In its place will be a virtual blues festival that will be streamed live, on Saturday, September 19, 2020, starting at noon.


MACE has partnered with the Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau to bring this live virtual event to Blues fans far and near.  For additional information, please visit MACE’s website at www.deltabluesms.org or the Blues Festival’s Facebook page at MSDeltaBlues.   You may also obtain additional information from the Washington County Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website at www.visitgreenville.org.


We hope you log into this year’s virtual festival and prepare to join us next year on September 18, 202l for the 44th Annual Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival.


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43rd Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival
































To inquire about vendor space for the 2020 Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival, please call 662-335-3523.  







43rd Annual Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival
Saturday, September 19, 2020
Greenville, Mississippi

The Board of Directors of Mississippi Action for Community Education, Incorporated, along with the staff and all our volunteers wish to thank everyone who attended the 42nd Annual Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival.  We appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing you on September 19, 2020 for the 43rd Annual Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival.

The purpose of the Annual Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival is to reach a worldwide audience with a celebration of the contributions the Mississippi Delta Blues culture has made to the American story - and to help preserve that culture. Mississippi Delta Blues is globally recognized as one of America's most important musical forms. A major catalyst for American popular culture, it exists in both a folk context and as a product of the commercial music industry. In the face of a historically brutal social experience, Black folk in America affirmed their humanity by remembering and creating a rich expressive culture of poetry, tales, crafts, ritual, dance and music. This system embodied techniques of cultural transmission, transformation, adaptation and survival. Early Blues developed out of this rich fabric and cross-fertilized the work-songs, love-songs, slow drags, rags and spirituals. Delta Blues soon became the emotional and literary voice of Black singers across the South.

Ironically, Black and poor people from the Mississippi Delta, who gave the world the Blues, had limited access to traditional or contemporary institutional arts and cultural programming. The products of most rural peoples' art are inaccessible to them. They are housed in urban academic institutions and archives. They need to be preserved and showcased to larger general audiences as the legacy of a living culture.

While this art form was being celebrated internationally, the Delta region was still one of the poorest regions in the country. In 1976, Mississippi Action for Community Education, Incorporated (MACE) saw the need to help create financing for educational programs and gave birth to the "Delta Blues & Heritage Festival".

The success of the "Delta Blues & Heritage Festival" spurred the creation of festivals all over the Mississippi Delta and beyond.



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